If you’ve an Advisory Business doing €15k/mo

If You Have An Advisor Business Doing More Than €15k/month

Imagine an AI Assistant as your ever-ready helper, swiftly taking care of routine customer queries with precision and care. This not only delights your customers with quick, reliable responses but also allows your team to focus on deeper, more meaningful interactions. It’s like giving your business a superpower—boosting client satisfaction and growth while easing your team’s workload. What a fantastic way to propel your business forward with both heart and efficiency!

Noah Licht, Central Europe

If You want to Grow with AI Automation

By integrating AI automation, you harness the power to transform how visitors interact with your site. This isn’t just about faster responses—it’s about creating an experience tailored to every visitor’s needs, making your website a beacon of useful information and interaction. Which leads, on average, to a doubling of visitor conversions and more visitors leaving their information. How would your life look if you had twice as many clients while working the same hours?

If you want to learn AI and selling with AI by yourself, use the free discord server to educate in your specific business strategy.

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Scaling Advisory Businesses with AI

Why us?

LICHT AI Agency is located in the heart of Europe, near Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is led by Noah Licht and his team members from around the world. Noah Licht’s passion for technology and love for numbers began during his law studies and later led him to finance. Now, he creates AI tools for advisors in fields like financial advisory, real estate, and law firm automation. With no-code tools, Noah has transformed his lifelong passion into groundbreaking innovations across multiple industries.

Optimizing you Sales Process

Our AI agents automate customer support by implementing chatbots on your website. This saves your customers time and pre-qualifies them, allowing you to focus on what you do best: helping clients!

We guarantee a 2x return on investment within 12 months.